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Unlocking The Year: What Else Lies Ahead for Recruitment Trends in 2024

How staying ahead can benefit your company

As we roll into April with Q1 wrapped up, it's time to seize the day and prepare for the rest of the year. We have looked at what we have learned this quarter and how 2024 has compared to 2023, so we want to give you a sneak peek into what we think is hot in recruitment for 2024. Our brains (packed with knowledge, if we may say so) have put together their wisdom to give you 5 recruitment trends in 2024. Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

Are You Ready Kids? AI Captain!

There are some new kids on the block, and they are out of this world. AI is reshaping how companies find their ideal candidates. From job descriptions to pre-screening interviews, the world of recruitment is stepping up its game.

The first impression matters, and it often begins with the job description. AI can now assist in crafting compelling and inclusive job descriptions. These smart systems analyse language patterns, ensuring your postings are not only informative but also appealing to a diverse pool of candidates. An example of an AI system that can help with this is ChatGPT. ChatGPT has become the fastest-growing consumer application in history, amassing an astounding 100 million monthly active users within two months since its launch.

Gone are the days of sifting through countless CVs to shortlist candidates. AI is taking over pre-screening interviews, using algorithms to evaluate applicants based on predefined criteria. This not only saves time but also ensures a fair and consistent evaluation process, minimising the risk of any biased decisions.


Navigating the Talent Pool

Next up on the list for recruitment trends in 2024 is early career hiring. By bringing in promising candidates early in their careers, recruiters can often benefit from younger people having lower salary expectations compared to more experienced professionals. This not only helps manage recruitment costs but also allows businesses to invest in the long-term growth and development of their staff. This could be done by looking into hiring apprentices. By welcoming in fresh meat, companies can shape and nurture individuals, providing them with hands-on experience and specialised training. This not only means that employees are aligned with the company's values but also creates a culture of continuous learning and growth to potentially become future leaders of the business.


Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

For a lot of people, working from home is a blessing. They could work remotely for a business miles away from their home. However, as the demand for people to return to the office increases, this is causing problems for the long-distance remote workers. Relocate, or find a new job. But is it really that simple?

Moving for a job requires a lot of thought, and it’s more than just changing desks. Employers should understand the challenges their team might encounter and offer practical support, like help with relocation or flexible options. Along with this, returning to the office can make us rethink our career paths. It's a chance to evaluate if our current job lines up with our personal and professional goals. This transitional period opens doors for professionals to rediscover their passions, explore new career paths, or even think about changing industries.


Nurturing Success

At the core of every successful business are its people. Understanding the human element within a company is the first step towards prioritising employee well-being. Every employee will have their own unique needs, challenges, and goals, and it is important to recognise that they are individuals and not just numbers in the system. It is also important to continue this support system beyond 9–5. Feeling supported in their personal life as well as their professional life goes a long way. This includes initiatives such as flexible working hours, mental health support programmes, and avenues for continuous learning and development. If employees feel valued and appreciated, this will reflect on their work ethic and productivity.

A great example of this is Google. Their employee well-being programme is second to none and really does highlight that their staff are of the utmost importance. From job perks to healthcare, they really have hit the nail on the head.


Escaping the 9-to-5

Flexible working gives employees the freedom to break free from the usual 9-to-5 working day. It's all about understanding that not everyone is a morning person or thrives in the afternoon, and this is why we felt it was key to include it in our recruitment trends in 2024. Flexible working means people can find their groove when they're most productive, making it a win-win for managing work and life in a way that suits them best. It is also about understanding that people have diverse needs and preferences when it comes to work. If you are a parent doing the school run, lift share, or commute long distances, the ability to have flexible working hours makes the world of difference.

As we prepare for the rest of the year, the recruitment scene is bursting with some exciting new changes. From AI shaking up how we write job descriptions to the rise of flexible working, it's clear the game is evolving.

What can we take away from this? It's all about staying flexible and welcoming these shifts. Whether you're a recruiter or someone eyeing up a new job, staying up to date with trends like AI-powered hiring, early career focus, and the new normal of flexible hours is certainly the way forward.

Here’s to the rest of 2024!


Contact us today to enhance your 2024 recruitment strategy! Our team of experts is happy to talk about how we can successfully implement the latest hiring practices to grow your business.

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Chris Wright
April 16, 2024
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