4 tips for attracting and retaining talent in the logistics sector
A growing demand for e-commerce

4 tips for attracting & retaining logistics talent

Finding and retaining logistics employees

With e-commerce increasing at a fast pace, and more companies in the hunt for logistics talent, the face of the sector is changing. A skills shortage means it’s no longer possible to simply assume staff will be there when you need them, and employers need to give some thought to the new face of logistics recruitment.

Technology is increasingly used in logistics, but what that is doing is increasing the demand for skilled workers who can work with and alongside technological advances.

So, how do you go about finding and retaining logistics employees at a time when demand for e-commerce is growing but choice in the jobs market is greater than ever. It’s important to have the right hiring strategies in place in logistics recruitment. Here are our tips to help you find and keep the talented workers you need.

1. Pay and benefits

Most people consider this the most important factor in applying for, or accepting, a job. Salaries need to be competitive but be set at a rate that works for the company. Too low and potential employees won’t apply, too high and the company will be restrained in other areas of investment. 

But remember that, post-pandemic, benefits play an increasingly important role in the logistics and transport sector. Flexibility, for instance, is key to a better work-life balance for those working in recruitment while juggling caring roles or the demands of a young family. Increased paid time off or flexible rotas and shift swapping can make all the difference.


2. Career progression

The idea of being in a position to advance through training and experience in different areas of logistics appeals to many people. Not only does it improve retention rates as employees see themselves as part of the development plan, but it’s also the ideal way to address a skills gap further up the career ladder.


3. Make yourself attractive

As the logistics and transport sector grows, it’s easy to be lost in the crowd. In order to attract and retain good logistics employees, you need to be different – increase your profile, and be a well-known company that people are proud to say they work for.

This can be anything from increasing your social media presence to entering sector-specific and general business awards. Online reviews – as long as you’re delivering a good service that gains a positive response – will make you more attractive to potential employees.


4. Look after people

Happy employees are excellent ambassadors, if they feel valued at work they will tell others – and employee referrals are invaluable.

It starts with onboarding – making someone feel included and at ease during their first few days. Employee satisfaction surveys provide an opportunity to share the positives and deal with the negatives (there will always be negatives but it’s far better to know about them and take action).

Put in place management solutions and structures that ensure employees feel involved. If employees think they have somewhere to turn if there’s an issue, they will be more likely to raise it with a line manager and know action will be taken.

Throughout this journey to positioning yourself as the logistics recruiter of choice, a good recruitment partner is invaluable. From finding the right candidates to helping with onboarding, staff management and putting effective working processes in place. 

If you’re looking to recruit the best talent in logistics and transport, the ACS Staffing Solutions team can help! Contact us online or give us a call on 01604 704058.

Chris Wright
October 6, 2022
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