Ethical recruitment - why does it matter?
The ACS Staffing Solutions team is full of dedicated, experienced and highly qualified professionals.

Ethical recruitment - why does it matter?

Our Ethics

The ACS Staffing Solutions team is full of dedicated, experienced and highly qualified professionals. Together they bring clients and candidates the best possible support during their recruitment process. Amongst the team is Alexandra Kurila – Commercial Business Development Manager, CIPD member and fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals. Alex and the team are specialists in temporary and permanent recruitment within the commercial office sector.

When dealing with people within business, it’s important that you are open, transparent, professional and honest. When dealing with companies in the recruitment world, these qualities are especially important and can have a big impact on the lives of both individuals and companies.

Filling a role for the sake of a sale can lead to untold issues for your clients and candidates alike, and are a result of sloppy service and poor practice. Within ACS Recruitment, doing it the right way and adopting an ethical approach is an essential element of our agency.

As recruiters, our reputation relies as much on the staff we provide to businesses as our relationship with the client. To get the right candidate, it is crucial to make sure that job adverts are truthful and honest. Selling a role at the expense of the truth serves nobody well.

ACS and the ethics of a recruitment agency

We pride ourselves on being open and honest – it’s our top priority here at ACS Staffing Solutions. It’s the way we deal with clients and candidates. Our fee, our structures, the way we ensure we get the right match of candidate for the business we are recruiting for and by being consultative along the way all ensure a successful outcome for both our clients and candidates.

We don’t take any shortcuts here at ACS Staffing Solutions. All of our candidates are met with and interviewed face to face or by Skype. We have also worked hard to make sure our processes and systems are efficient and professional whilst being bespoke to your specific requirements.

Recruitment ethics are a crucial part of our service. We build long-term relationships and strive to maintain our reputation for setting and maintaining high professional standards within the marketplace.

Ethical recruitment is more than just a buzz term; it helps recruiters become more of what we are - trusted partners of your business.

If you’re looking for an efficient and reliable recruitment process, outsource with ACS Staffing Solutions. Contact us online or give us a call on 01604 704058.

Chris Wright
May 3, 2022
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