Fluctuations in the market – we’re always ready to respond
We are in the ideal position to advise on fluctuations in the jobs market

Fluctuations in the market – we’re always ready to respond  

Candidate availability rose for the first time in two years

While economic uncertainty and rising costs are having an effect on recruitment to permanent roles, a new report from KPMG and REC shows that temporary billings in March rose to a four-month high.

The UK Report on Jobs suggests that candidate availability rose for the first time in two years, suggesting new confidence in those looking for new opportunities, as well as the effects of redundancies. The overall availability of candidates rose from an index rating of 50.2 in February 2021 to 51.4 in March this year. The 50 mark indicates whether availability has increased or declined and the reading has dropped well below the 50 mark during the past two years.

The report, compiled by S&P Global, questioned a panel of around 400 UK recruitment and employment consultancies. Among the report's other key findings was that the starting salaries are slowly increasing for permanent workers while temp pay rates rose more sharply.

Permanent and temporary roles in a fluctuating jobs market

ACS Staffing Solutions has years of experience in both the permanent and temporary recruitment sectors and our colleagues are in the ideal position to advise on fluctuations in the jobs market as the cost-of-living crisis continues its grip and belts are tightened and more people find themselves looking for new roles after redundancy or second jobs.

We’re able to advise candidates as to the best use of their skills and how they might fit into the roles and services local employers are looking for.  

For our clients, even when they’re facing challenges in finding the right people or making decisions about growing their workforce, we are there with expertise and guidance that finds a solution without putting unnecessary pressure on the business. As the jobs market shifts all the time, it’s about being prepared and having the experience of local conditions to offer the best advice possible.

Exceptional service and partnership

ACS Staffing Solutions prides itself on offering exceptional services to both candidates and clients, taking a consultative approach that enables us to embody our clients’ values and work in partnership with them.

Whatever the signs from the market tell us, the fact is that with the right recruitment advice – whether you’re looking for a job or an employer in need of key staff for permanent or temporary roles, our team is there to bring about outcomes that work for everyone.

Chris Wright
May 15, 2023
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