How to land your first job in logistics and transport
A job in logistics? The possibilities are endless.

How to land your first job in logistics & transport

A career in logistics provides opportunities for training & development

One of the best things about careers in the logistics sector is that although it is possible to start from a relatively unskilled position, the opportunities to train and develop are increasing all the time.

The logistics and transport sector, put simply, is the means by which goods get from one place to another, from the fresh food items that fill our supermarket shelves to the new shirts or garden furniture we order online.

Items flow into the supply chain from manufacturers and suppliers in this country and abroad and are either delivered directly, or stored in warehouses until they are needed by the customer or retailer.

For those looking to land their first job in the sector, roles in logistics range from the relatively unskilled – packing goods in a warehouse – through to HGV drivers, management roles and IT-based scheduling and accounting positions.

What skills will I need?

Logistics jobs are fundamentally about – as you might expect – logic. Managing items through the supply chain efficiently is key – without careful timing issues soon arise, from fresh food items being unfit for sale to dissatisfied customers who don’t get their goods on time. A consignment of parts failing to arrive at a factory when they’re needed can bring everything to a standstill. 

So, a logical mind and attention to detail are vital. You need to e someone who can follow orders to the letter, but also be able to see the bigger picture – a problem solver.


How do I get started?

There are lots of entry points in logistics. Warehouse assistants are in great demand, particularly at the busier times of year such as in the run-up to Christmas and Black Friday. 

It’s hard work, often requiring a good level of fitness, but it can also open doors. Learning the workings of a warehouse and showing aptitude may well lead to dealing directly with customers or suppliers, or assisting management in some way.

In other roles, qualifications and experience in IT, accounting or business management may be useful, and from there specific training and qualifications in the logistics sector are available.

In terms of transport jobs, drivers are always in demand, from last-mile deliveries by motorbike, van or car to HGV drivers who often cover vast distances. A clean driving licence is a good start, and advanced qualifications in light or heavy goods vehicles are a positive when looking for a job in transport.

What does the future look like?

E-commerce has been growing for some time, not least since the pandemic, where ordering goods online for home delivery reached record levels.

For those looking for roles in logistics, the possibilities are almost endless. Automation is increasingly used in supply chain systems, and those with the skills to use and develop such systems will be increasingly valuable.

There’s great focus on the environment and how to reduce the carbon footprint of one of the most energy-intensive sectors. At the same time, an increasingly competitive market means that logistics providers need people with the skills, experience and mindset to help them develop and streamline their processes so that they stand out from the crowd.


An experienced recruitment service, one that understands the sector and the almost endless possibilities within the modern-day logistics world, is invaluable for those looking to find their first job in logistics.

If you’re looking to land your first job in logistics and transport, the team at ACS Staffing Solutions can help! Contact us online or give us a call on 01604 704058.

Hannah Hewitt
October 18, 2022
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