Should you embrace flexible working in your workplace?
Flexible working seems to be the biggest buzz word in the working world recently.

Should you embrace flexible working in your workplace?

Flexible Working System

Flexible working seems to be the biggest buzz word in the working world recently. Many businesses are quite reluctant to adopt the new, modern way of working, however many others are really embracing it. For us, we see a lot of benefits in flexible working hours, and below we’ve shared a few of them with you.

Work-Life Balance

Flexible working allows you and your employees to benefit from a true work-life balance. Everyone has other priorities in their life, whether that be family, appointments or fulfilling a hobby. It’s often that regular working hours hinder being able to see to other priorities. However, flexible working gives you the option to let your working hours fit around priorities such as family arrangements or a hobby.

Increased Engagement/Productivity

When you allow employees to be flexible with their working hours, you’re likely to see an increase in their productivity. Flexible working lets employees work to hours that suit them so that they are more engaged in their work. For example, some people work best later in the day and are less productive in the morning when they’re tired; flexible working hours enables them to work only when they feel the most engaged and productive, benefiting them and your business.

Reduced Turnover

This goes without saying; having a good work-life balance and feeling productive at work is going to increase morale. An increase in staff morale results in a decrease in turnover. Therefore by embracing flexible working hours in your workplace, you can ensure you keep hold of valuable staff members.

Extended Hours in Departments

This is a real benefit to employers when embracing flexible working in their workplace. Employees may choose to come in earlier or leave later which enables you to extend hours in certain departments; this could be particularly beneficial to departments such as customer service.

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Chris Wright
May 3, 2022
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