Technology making it easy

Tips for employees working from home

Working from home

Technology made it easier for people to work from home, many taking advantage of the one or two days a week without the hassle of the commute or the odd day waiting in for a delivery.

The pandemic brought remote working into sharp focus, with companies telling those who were able to work from home to do so.

We’re now in a hybrid world – some companies want their staff back in the office, some feel it’s working well with everyone working from home, others are happy to be flexible and allow arrangements that fit in with employees’ lifestyles.

If you are working remotely, by choice or because it’s expected, here are some ways to maintain your enthusiasm and productivity:

Get dressed for work

Those that work at home often find that dressing as if they were going to the office makes a difference in their mindset.

Enjoy the leisurely start

Get up at the same time as if you were commuting but use the time to ease yourself into your working day. It could be anything from good coffee to a leisurely dog walk, or a self-improvement podcast. Don’t waste it by staying in bed!

Keep work separate

If you can, set aside a room as a workspace, and be strict with yourself about your working hours. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, all the better, but if you’re forced to use the kitchen table, make sure you pack everything away as much as you can at the end of the day so that you can relax and enjoy your evening. We all have to work a bit later at times, but don’t do it just because you can.

Take a break

If you’re at home it’s all too easy to reach for a sandwich and get on with what you’re doing. Try to move away from your work area, go out for a walk if you can, or at least eat your lunch in another room.

Be your own boss – in your own space

Fill your desk with plants, your favourite picture, and the mug you prefer. Play background music if you like to or enjoy the complete silence if you don’t.

Don’t forget your colleagues

There will be video meetings and calls, of course, but try to arrange a few social events either in person or online. Having a social life with your fellow employees is fun, and it can help build good working relationships.

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Hannah Hewitt
May 3, 2022
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