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Is your workforce diverse?

Why You Should Hire Workers Over 50

Older employees provide experience and wisdom

Due to a youth-focused popular culture, the increasing likelihood of early retirements, and many other factors, employers may be put off hiring people aged 50 or over. This means that the value of older workers can often be overlooked in the workplace. Not to mention, age is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, and therefore discrimination based on it is illegal and unethical.

Here’s a few reasons to hire older workers for your open positions:

A wealth of skills and experience

Workers over 50 will offer a range of skills honed over the course of their working life. In terms of both interpersonal skills around the workplace and hard skills that can help with operations, workers over 50 have been shown to have strong work ethics and to make use of their skills and experience when starting a new role.  

Established networks  

If the older employees have previously worked in your business’s industry, then they may already have an established network of contacts that you can take advantage of. Even if a potential employee is starting a new career at 50 with your company, they may bring contacts and ideas from previous roles that provide a unique perspective that can assist in moving your business forward.  

Reduced employee turnover

The average person’s career path is becoming less and less predictable, with people far less likely to stay with one company for a long length of time. However, older workers are more likely to report higher satisfaction and to stay in job roles for a longer period. This helps reduce employee churn and encourages a more positive workplace environment, where people feel comfortable and secure in their roles.  

Diversity in your organisation

Studies have shown that diverse workplaces are among the most productive, and an overlooked aspect of diversity is age. Having a range of ages within the workforce provides a mutual exchange of information, with older employees providing experience and wisdom, while younger employees bring enthusiasm and new ideas.

To discuss what you can do as an employer to support older workers in your organisation or provide jobs for older people, contact us or call us on 01604 704058.

Chris Wright
December 22, 2023
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