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Your happiness contributes to success in the workplace

Five habits that will make you more successful at work

Being dedicated to positive habits can lead to greater success in your professional life

Being happy and successful in the workplace is dependent on a lot of things – a good relationship with your line manager, for instance, or a company ethos that makes you feel valued and respected.

It also depends on how engaged and interested you are by the work you’re doing. Not being given projects that are challenging enough can leave you unfulfilled, while too heavy a workload can leave you feeling under pressure and stressed.

While bearing in mind there will always be things you can’t change, there are things you can do to improve your approach, to make you happier and achieve more.

Good habits that will make you successful at work:


Good time management – learn to set clear goals and to prioritise. A schedule of what needs doing and when in order to make good progress is helpful, ensuring that you don’t find yourself with a last-minute panic to get a task completed. Try to map out blocks of time to complete specific tasks and focus on them during that time. Trying to multitask is a sure-fire way to complicate matters.

Personal development – show that you’re interested in the work you’re doing and try to learn from everything you do, and you’ll soon see career progress. Take advantage of any training, workshops, webinars or seminars that are available to you, and investigate what opportunities there are for further education supported by your workplace. Work can be a fast-paced environment, make sure you stay relevant by being open to learning.

Looking after yourself – we hear a lot about the importance of a good work-life balance, and it’s definitely something to work on. Driving yourself too hard doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working smartly, and if it leads to you feeling exhausted, disillusioned or ill, then it’s counter-productive. Set yourself some boundaries and make time for friends, family, hobbies and activities that you enjoy. A balanced lifestyle will enhance your overall feeling of wellbeing and will make you more likely to succeed at what you do at work.

Communication – whether you’re discussing projects with your peers, helping junior members of the team with their career development, or reporting into management, it’s important to have good communication skills. Learn what style of communication works best in different situations and always remember listening is just as important as speaking. Being a good communicator helps you work better within a team.

Building relationships – good working relationships are valuable, try to offer to help and support others wherever you can. Additionally, building relationships outside of the workplace can open doors for collaboration and career success. Attend industry events or join professional associations, both will demonstrate your desire to find out more about the wider business community, particularly among other organisations within your sector.  

Reading that list, you’ll probably recognise things you do as a matter of course already, and work habits you know you should be doing better. Adopting new habits doesn’t always come easy but give it time and you’ll start to see the benefits. Being disciplined and committing to these habits can lead to greater success in your professional life.

If you’re interested in finding out about how to build habits for success at work, the ACS Staffing Solutions team are here to help. Contact us online or give us a call on 01604 704058.

Chris Wright
August 1, 2023
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