temporary jobs
Temping can be an ideal option for some

The Value of Temporary Jobs

Temporary jobs can allow for a better work-life balance

Temporary workers are often a company’s solution to staffing issues. They are usually recruited for a set, usually relatively short, period of time. This might be to cover busy times such as summer holidays or Christmas, or to simply cover staff absences. They may also arise when a company needs certain areas of expertise or skills.


Although not as reliable as permanent employment, temping can be an ideal option for some.

What is a temporary job?

A temporary role is when a member of staff is hired for a short period of time. Being a short-term employee has various benefits, as it allows the individual to earn money, gain or further their experience, meet new people, and satisfy the short-term needs of an organisation. According to GOV.UK, in 2022, 95% of all employed working age people (16 to 64 year olds) were in permanent employment, and only a small 5% were in temporary employment.

The key benefits of temporary jobs


Temporary work can often offer more of a balance across working hours and duration; this can be beneficial for those who are in education (seasonal Christmas roles or temporary summer jobs, for instance). Or it can be tailored around those who have family commitments or who may want the time to pursue other interests, such as freelance work or hobbies.


Working a range of temporary jobs can give you the opportunity to increase your skill set. There is no limit to businesses that offer temporary work, which in turn can vary in nature and sector. This can be beneficial to those working temporary jobs, as they can build a more diverse skill set and enhance their experience.


Although not as reliable as a permanent position, temporary work can often provide some stability between jobs, the opportunity to explore new avenues, or a stepping stone to finding something more suitable.

New opportunities

Temporary jobs are a low-risk way to try new career paths. It gives you the opportunity to try different industries, companies, roles, working hours, and disciplines. You can also find out what your strengths and weaknesses are without committing to a permanent role.


A temporary worker could be looking for a way into a certain industry. This could also be considered a form of networking, meeting key people, and building relationships. A benefit of this is that it leads to new opportunities, if not with that company, then through referrals or word of mouth.

Personal preference

Temporary jobs can allow for a better work-life balance. If you need flexibility and autonomy, it’s often possible to negotiate schedules that accommodate personal needs. In some cases, businesses can offer remote jobs based at the worker’s home or within a chosen location other than the office, which can be particularly attractive.

On trial

A temporary role could also be viewed as a trial for both the employer and employee. The business gets to find out more about the abilities and strengths of the individual before committing to a permanent offer. On the contrary, the temporary worker can decide whether the job and or employer is right for them before making the commitment.  

The important thing is to understand what temping means. There may be some minimal cons to temporary work in that it may affect your career progression or employment rights, such as sick pay and holiday entitlement. Or, on some occasions, the work may not be easy to come by. Good staffing agencies can advise on the benefits and pitfalls.  

However, the flexibility, growth potential, and earning capacity they could potentially offer, if suitable for your needs or career aspirations, can outweigh the uncertainty.

ACS Staffing Solutions can help with advice and guidance regarding temp jobs. Contact us online or give us a call on 01604 704058.

Chris Wright
May 16, 2024
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